Characteristics and maintenance of pneumatic rubber fender

Pneumatic rubber fender features

1. The absorption energy is large, the reaction force is small, so as to ensure that neither damage the hull nor damage the shore wall.
2. The installation is simple, portable, in any ship, any sea area is not affected by tides and ship size.
3. Good resilience, the deformation of the product will not occur after the force is exerted on the product. After the fender is squeezed, more than 95% of the product will be released immediately after the force is exerted and will return to the original shape.
4. good economic performance, fender compared with the same period of time, Qingdao Jiexing fender economic performance is good, cost-effective, reliable quality. Pneumatic rubber fender from raw material procurement, product ordering, product production, product inspection factory have experienced layers of inspection to ensure its quality.

Pneumatic rubber fender maintenance

1. In the use of pneumatic rubber fender, attention should be paid to avoid sharp objects’ stabbing and scratching; And timely maintenance and maintenance, in general, 5- 6 months for a pressure test.
2. Often check the Yokohama fender body without puncture, scratch. The surface objects in contact with the fender shall not have sharp protruding hard objects to prevent piercing the fender. When the fender is in use, the cable, chain and wire rope hanging the fender shall not be knotted.

Yokohama pneumatic fender, inflatable rubber fender, pneumatic rubber fender, Marine fender is popular in today’s international ship fender products, using compressed air as buffer medium, make the ship when it is on the list has more soft wall effect, has big impact energy absorption, covers an area of low pressure acting on the ship, high impact fatigue performance, easy to install, etc; Widely used in large oil tanker, liquefied gas ship, chemical ship, offshore platform, large dock, sea, etc.; Beierte ship fender products are reliable.


Post time: Mar-04-2023