Under the efforts of the company staff foam fender on time delivery

2500×3000 foam filled fender, quantity of 6, the user planned to deliver on March 15, 2023; The plan did not change quickly. Seven days after signing the contract, the user informed us that the ship would leave the port in advance and asked our company for advice on whether the shipment could be completed on February 27, 2023.

After receiving the information, the company will immediately make production adjustment and deployment, complete all products one day in advance, and send all fender to the destination port on February 26, 2023.

After receiving the foam filled fender, the customer will give high recognition to the quality and efficient production of the fender, and sign a long-term cooperation agreement.

1. Foam filled fender is also called polyurethane fender, floating fender, EVA fender.

2. Foam filled fender is a compression fender, which is made of polyurea material as outer protective layer and EVA foaming material as buffer medium. In the process of use, the impact energy of the ship can be absorbed through its compression deformation, so as to reduce the damage to the wharf and the ship.

3. Jiexing polyurethane fender, the biggest characteristics of the floating fender is: with strong floating performance, not affected by tidal range; Bright color, can be provided according to user requirements of various colors; The use process does not need to inflate, with safety and maintenance free; Adopt flange connection, installation, movement, convenient and flexible.

4. The Jiexing EVA fender reaction from small to large and high energy absorption, suitable for wharf, special tidal difference wharf and two ships on the sea to receive ship, barge and other use, has been widely used in wharves, docks, ships, etc.

Foam filled fender component:

Polyurethane elastomer, EVA foaming, steel pipe and flange four parts.

Foam-floating-fender-(3) Polyurethane-floating-fender-(3)

Post time: Mar-04-2023