What should we pay attention to when choosing Marine airbag?

1. Firstly, the diameter and length of Marine airbag should be determined (including effective length and total length).
2. Select the thickness of Marine launching airbag.
3. If the Marine airbag is only launched on a ship, the appropriate Marine airbag should be matched according to the length, width and weight of the current ship.
4. If a variety of ship types require Marine airbags, the general type of Marine airbags should be selected according to the maximum length, width and weight of the ship.
5. If you are not sure what type of Marine airbag should be selected, our company can design a reasonable Marine airbag for you by referring to the length, width and weight of your ship.

Marine air bag, ship airbag, launching airbag advantages:

1. The construction of the Save a lot of money Using ship airbags on the way, the water launching is a promising new technology, changing the repaired the ship can only adopt slipway, floating dock, the dock water way, thereby saving the chute, dock, the dock into the constructed a lot of money, and thus reduce the upfront costs of the construction yard.

2. Greatly improve the ability of shipyard built Because the traditional way of fluctuation restricted the shipyard’s production capacity, use of Marine airbags flexible fluctuation radically changed only use slipway, dock in the work of the traditional way of the ground can be used in the work of then use airbag launching way, so that it can greatly improve the repaired the ability of shipyard.

3. The ship building industry and the ship repair industry are mainly to launch the ship safely in the ship building industry, and to shore the ship safely for repair in the ship repair industry.

4. It is used in the construction industry to carry super large building structures. Such as the weight of more than 10,000 tons of piers, wharf caisson and other large reinforced concrete structures on the slope of displacement, salvage sunken ships, stranded rescue and so on.

Compared with the traditional skateboard and slide craft, it has the characteristics of labor-saving, time-saving, labor-saving, less investment, flexible mobility, safety and reliability. It is suitable for all types of ships and construction.

Ship launching air bag is divided into: Low pressure Airbag, medium pressure Airbag, high pressure Aairbag.


Post time: Mar-04-2023