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Company’s long-term commitment to Boat Lift Airbags, Marine salvage airbags, yokohama pneumatic fender, Marine pneumatic fender, inflatable rubber fender, pneumatic rubber fender, yokohama fender, research and development, production and sales of the pneumatic fender in yokohama, using natural rubber and styrene butadiene rubber, polybutadience rubber, such as synthetic rubber, rubber hard, more abrasion resistance and toughness, product use high quality materials and special explosion-proof technology, sightseeing along the outside, good wear resistance, aging resistance, air tightness, high intensity, long service life, high quality, and through the ISO17357 and ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification and CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, GL, LR and other product quality certification, and for the national large construction enterprises and wharf protection to provide products and services.

Pneumatic rubber fender is also called Yokohaine fender, inflatable rubber fender, Marine pneumatic fender and Marine fender.

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Marine Salvage Airbags

1. Marine airbags and salvage airbag are widely used in maritime salvage AIDS in floating, including the rescue of stranded ships or AIDS in floating and sinking ships and so on. Due to the unexpected and time-sensitive nature of maritime salvage projects, if the salvage company adopts conventional lifting methods, it is often subject to large lifting equipment or needs to spend high costs. By adopting the auxiliary technology of salvage airbag, the salvage company can complete the salvage work quickly and flexibly.
2. The overall salvage methods of large sunken ships mainly include buoy salvage and floating crane salvage. At present, the buoy used in the buoy method is almost rigid buoy of hard material. Rigid buoys have high lifting capacity and are easily affected by the underwater environment when they are submerged and tied to sunken ships. In addition, the buoys occupy large space and incur high storage and transportation costs.
3. Large floating cranes are the main tools for maritime salvage, but they are often limited by the lifting capacity of cranes and high transportation costs, which will lead to the increase of salvage costs.
4. The Marine salvage airbags made of flexible materials is flexible and multi-purpose, which can be folded or rolled into a cylinder for storage and transportation or diving, greatly improving the salvage ability of the salvage company. The salvage airbag can be inserted into the flooded cabin or fixed to the sunken ship deck, which has little force on the unit area of the hull and is beneficial to the safety of the hull. The influence of hydrological condition is relatively small when the salvage airbags dives, and the underwater operation efficiency is high.
5. Marine salvage airbag and Marine airbags can not only provide buoyancy for ship salvage, but also have great advantages in rescuing stranded ships. Through the launching airbags can be inserted into the bottom of the stranded ship, salvage airbag inflated can be jacked up the ship, in the action of dragging or after the thrust, the ship can be smoothly into the water.

Marine rubber airbag features

Using Marine airbag launching is a have independent intellectual property rights of innovative technology in China, is a very promising new process, it overcomes the small and medium-sized shipyard ship ever repaired the ability to slide, slide the restriction of traditional craft, because has the characteristics of less investment, quick effect, safe and reliable, get the welcome of the shipbuilding industry. Ship hoisting gasbag and scroll airbags as the main tool that will ship retainer on the balloon, from shipbuilding and ship repairing field into waters or migrate ashore from the water, using the Marine rubber airbag low inflation pressure, large bearing area and the characteristic of the still easy rolling after large deformation, use hoisting gasbag first ship lift from the block, on the scroll air bags, and then through the rolling traction and airbag, make the ship slowly slide into the water. Based on its innovative technology, Qingdao beierte Marine airbag designs and produces a new type of integral winding high strength Marine launching airbag, thus providing the most effective guarantee for the large ship's airbags launching technology.
Ship launching airbags is divided into: low pressure airbag, medium pressure airbag, high pressure airbag.

Marine airbags performance



Working pressure

Working height

Guaranteed bearing capacity per unit length(T/M)































Dimensions and specifications of Marine airbags




Effective Length

8m,  10m,12m,15m,16m,  18m,20m,22m,24m,Etc.




According to different launching requirements, different ship types and different ship weights, the slope ratio of berth is different, and the size of Marine airbag is different.

If there are special requirements, can be customized.

Schematic diagram of Marine airbag structure


Marine airbag fittings


Marine airbag case display


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